2016 Tourney and TWF info…

2016 Tourney and TWF info…
The club holds 5 events a season that are for Club Members only.   We have 4 Cabela’s National Team Championship (NTC) qualifying tournaments a season.  Then we have our Fall Fox River Classic tournament.
Here is how it all works…..
Reminder you have to be an SWC Member to fish any of the Cabela’s Qualifiers.  We do not allow NEW MEMBER sign ups at the launch site the day of the event.  NEW MEMBERS must have their applications for membership approved at a club meeting prior to an event to be eligible to fish it.
RENEWING MEMBERS may still renew their SWC memberships at a launch site the day of the event.
Each Cabela’s qualifying tournament is a $30 per team entry paid the morning of the event at check in. (Or early sign up for all events by April 1st)
Plaques and cash payout for top 3 finishers in each tournament
Points scored top to bottom based on your finish
1st place gets 200 points, 2nd – 198 points, 3rd – 196 points and so on.
Fishing the event but not weighing a fish you automatically get 50 points
For early sign up mail a check made out to Sheboygan Walleye Club  for $120.00 post marked by April 1st to:
Chris Medinger
818 Pleasant Wood Dr.
Kewaskum WI 53040
Remaining boat number assignment is first come first serve at launch
Cabela’s Points Tournaments…….
Fish 4 Cabela’s Qualifiers score your best 3 out of the 4 events.
The team in first at the end of the season will be crowned the Team of the Year
TotY receives a paid entry (by the club) into the NTC the following year – If they are TWF registered by April 30th.
The SWC is a Walleye Federation club
To be eligible to fish for the Cabela’s NTC spots in the “Qualifiers” you and your partner need to be Walleye Federation Members ($40 annually each) besides members of the SWC
For more info on TWF Membership see below in this e:mail
SWC gains the club 3 NTC spots every season based on the TWF criteria
The top 3 teams in the Cabela’s points will get an NTC invite
Only the “Team of the Year” gets their spot paid for by the SWC
We now also get one NTC bid for every 12 SWC members registered by the end of the year with the TWF so keep that in mind for extra NTC bids.  It pays to be a TWF member and fish for the points!!!
You are required to be registered with the TWF for membership prior to our Second Cabela’s Qualifier on Green Bay (May1st) to be eligible for the Cabela’s NTC points.
TWF memberships after May 1st will not be allowed to fish for the SWC NTC spots
Club championship series…..
A cumulative point’s total of all the tournaments (including the Fall Fox event)
Fall Fox River Event is $50 a team entry
You do not need to be TWF members to fish for the Club Championship
Fish each event, score points and see where you end up
The “Club Champions” will receive club jackets and a $100 gift card each and plaques
TWF Side Pots – We have registered all 5 of our tournaments as TWF Sidepot Events.  This means if at least 10 teams sign up on TWF Web Site for the event sidepot, the winner of the sidepot will gain a paid NTC spot for 2016.  So it is possible to not win the Qualifier but win the sidepot and get an NTC bid.  For more info on sidepot pay outs, go to www.walleyefederation.com or call me directly.
TWF membership registration – there are 2 ways to register for The Walleye Federation:
Option 1)   Call me (or e:mail) and tell me you and your partner want to be TWF members and be eligible for the Cabela’s Points and I will register you under our club.  You will then owe the SWC your TWF Dues $40/ member
Option 2)   Register for one of our SWC sidepot Events on TWF.  You will be required to pay your TWF dues at the time you register.
Option #2 is the easiest! 
To enter a sidepot:  go to www.walleyefederation.com
Pick on the red “Sidepot Tourneys” button on the home page
In the drop down menu for State: select “Wisconsin”
Select the event off the list you would like to register for Example: “SWC 1stCabela’s Qualifier”
Pick “Next” at the bottom of the window
If you were a TWF member last year, you can enter you TWF number into the form and pick “Validate,” Wait a few seconds for the table to populate with all your info.
Do the same for your partner
If you were never a TWF MEmber then just fill in all the needed info for you and your partner and submit.
Pick Register to complete registration and pay.
If you have not paid your dues this year it will charge each partner the $40 dues besides the $50 sidepot entry fee. 
Attached to this e:mail is a spreadsheet with all members TWF numbers from last year.
IMPORTANT – You must sign up for a sidepot on the TWF site on your own prior to the date of the event; we cannot sign you up at the boat launch the morning of the tournament. 
See Tournament tab for our general Tournament Rules
As always feel free to contact me with any questions.
Bob Claus
SWC Secretary


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