SWC Catch Photo Release Tips

SWC Catch Photo Release Tournaments

Rules of the road…..

Hopefully as you all know by now this year we are planning on using a CPR or Catch Photo Release method for

both our Cabela’s Qualifiers on Green Bay. We held a couple trial tournaments last season to get a feel for it

and work out a few bugs. Both events were very successful. Before we head into the Green Bay metro event

on May 1st, we felt it was appropriate to put together a set of Do’s and Don’ts or helpful tips for you to consider

as we move forward as a leader in the Walleye fishing Club world and hold our CPR events.

1) Practice! – You are pre-fishing so practice taking pictures and getting used to your camera. Review the practice pictures.

2) Designate partner jobs. One partner takes the pictures one holds the fish…. Get to know your job.

3) Make sure the SD card is in the camera before the first picture.

4) Make sure your camera is NOT set to video mode.

5) Pinch the tail on your fish and hold the pinch for the picture.

6) Learn how your camera works

7) Verify all your pictures

8) Make sure the camera is focused—Verify the picture.

9) Take 2 or 3 or more pictures on the bump board.

10) Do not cover the fishes head or tail on the picture both should be clearly visible—This will be a DQ’d fish

11) Make sure your recorded length on the score sheet matches the fish, length on the card longer than the picture will be a DQ’d fish.

12)Watch bright sun glare on the fish, try to use the shadows in the boat to get a better picture.

13) A back up camera is a good idea.

14) SMILE, don’t be so serious in the Hero shots with the fish…. Fishing is FUN!

15) Cannot stress this one any more…once again …Practice! – You are pre-fishing so practice taking pictures and getting used to your camera.  Review the practice pictures

One more item—Remember we are a Club and we are all learning…. So be patient and understanding.

If a fish picture is DQ’d for some reason please don’t take it personally. We are not out to get anyone.